Python Technology is a UK company specialising in software consulting, web site design and construction.

Our chief strengths are:

  • Fee-based consultancy services
  • Supply of highly professional expertise
  • Ruthless efficiency
  • An almost fanatical devotion to Open Standards.


Web Site Assessment

One of the keys to keeping visitors at your site and getting them to return is usability. Are your efforts to make your site prettier actually making it harder to use? An assessment of your site by our experienced consultants can show you areas where modest changes can make significant improvements to effectiveness.

Web Site Design

Examples of our work include:

For more information about these services, or a quotation, contact


A free Tcl / CORBA Interface. Current release 0.1 (alpha)
Perl modules for storing triples (e.g. RDF).
Perl module for templated HTML pages.
Perl module for HTML- and URI-escaping.
Perl module for mapping sections of URI-space.

Wrong Python?

Perhaps you have arrived here looking for something else with Python in its name:

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